Recapping Black Desert’s massive E3 and Heidel Ball announcements


I said this morning that I thought Black Desert stole the show for E3 players – apart from the Phantasy Star Online 2 announcement, of course! And I’ll stand by that: Pearl Abyss did two back-to-back con events with multiple major announcements, any one of which would’ve been a big deal. The game is porting to PS4. PA is resurrecting Shadow Arena as a standalone title. The PC game is getting a new hobbit-like support class and a big expansion dubbed Great Expedition. Plus, the mobile version of the game is launching by the end of the year.

Pearl Abyss has since published a ton of additional videos fans might want to take a peek at. There’s the Into the Abyss recap – long and tl;dr versions.

Xbox One is getting the Shai class too.

And a fan recap:

In addition to the actual teaser trailer:

And the full presentation from Heidel Ball.

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I love the idea of a dedicated lifeskill class

Toy Clown

I’m pretty excited about the upcoming content. The Shai remind me of fantasty-esque gnome and halfling races from Tolkien and other old-school D&D races. I haven’t played small races since EQ2 because I didn’t like the direction development teams took them. I’m happy to see them not portrayed oversexualized.

The new sea content and redo of some of the existing content, plus the fact Shai is a support class feels like the game is going in a good direction. I hope to see more PvE and group content.


Over all pretty disappointed.

No mention of Manos Lifeskills update for PC. It’s been over a year in KR now and it’s a major update to the game people have wanted pretty much since it’s announcement. It’s such a massive and huge overhaul that it makes doing anything lifeskill oriented at this time very questionable because after the update it will be made better by orders of magnitude.

Shai pedo race. Here’s hoping they keep the underwear and Kibelius off of it.

PS4 cash grab. Expected after what we saw with Xbox. They crammed that p2w costume melting system into the game day one on Xbox and the results were pretty predictable. Can see scenarios where people are dropping tens of thousands of dollars to just dominate the game right off the bat.

The “Great Expansion” is also very questionable. Right now because of the power creep they’ve let into their game with veteran players topping out with PEN equipment and TET accessories they’re already making a disgusting amount of money/hr. Every new system they add no where comes near to that level of income, and even things like the lifeskill overhauls they’re doing are still a fraction of the income compared to high end grinding. Systems like Savage Rift are abandoned because they’re just terrible. Meanwhile rewarding new systems that enable new ways of playing, like Shadow Arena, are removed from the game entirely. No one is expecting the new system to be even remotely profitable even with a huge trading overhaul.

Shadow Arena coming back as it’s own standalone is super bullshit and I don’t even know where to begin with that one.

They know all this too. People have given them direct feedback on places like their Discord. They know all this, they just don’t give a shit. At all. The MMO genre is basically dead and unless you want to play 4 different flavors of chocolate MMO (WOW, ESO, FFIXIVVMDVCI, GW2) or go all in on super pedo loli time (TERA, BnS, etc) you’re kinda stuck.

Oh and Mobile is basically 90% of Pearl Abyss revenue these days if you look at their earning reports so expect your standard mobile, cash shop centric experience.