Star Citizen is putting an awful lot of effort into creating an epic space bar experience

We're not sad about it either. But we're giggling a little bit.


If you’re quite over joking about space caves and how the economy team is using ships’ popularity to decide how to price them, Star Citizen has a new Inside Star Citizen video up to cap off the week. The subject this time? Immersion.¬†While one of the biggest features in Star Citizen that sets it apart from its biggest sci-fi competitors is spacelegs on planetary surfaces and orbiting constructions, the first segment focuses chiefly on space station exteriors. The real fun comes in the second segment, which is all about how to model bars and mocap bartenders. I watched a lot of video game vids this week, but this one where CIG is justifying its extensive research into bartending is my favorite.

“Do we need a ship with 30 cocktails at once? No we don’t. Do we even need 30 cocktails? I dunno. Maybe, maybe not. But at least what that gives us then is an understanding as to the pain threshold, but also that the foundational aspects of the bartender are solid,” CIG’s Steve Bender explains. “We are trying to create an environment that when you’re in it, you feel like you’re in an actual bar, you’re in an actual living/breathing location. That bartender is operating just like you would expect a bartender to operate in the real world.”

There are so many jokes here. I will leave you to them. Happy Friday.

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