World of Warcraft’s foxy Vulpera look more likely as a playable race


Along with the proposed “level squish,” the evidence for the addition of the fox-like Vulpera as a playable race in World of Warcraft is stacking up these days. Blizzard Watch reports that more datamining has unearthed information of the Vulpera becoming one of the next allied races join the game’s expanded roster.

“A Wowhead reader found a trace of Vulpera code in the game’s files that suggests the race will show up in a cutscene as a player character,” the site posted. “You can see the list includes all of the other playable races to slot into player’s spot in the cutscene, and now it clearly reads Vulpera.”

This is just the latest of many hints of the Vulpera’s inclusion. We do know that Blizzard is open to adding more allied races, and the Vulpera’s popularity in the current expansion would make for a stampede if this turns out to be true. Fans have long speculated that the anthropomorphic foxes were a lock for the next wave of allied races.

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