Final Fantasy XIV’s last pre-Shadowbringers live letter discusses crafting adjustments and a deep well of spoilers


Fear not, spoiler-averse Final Fantasy XIV fans, the last pre-expansion live letter was not replete with spoilers. In fact, it actually didn’t show a lot of things just because apparently so many parts of the expansion just can’t help but be massive spoilers. It’s why the dungeon preview video that started the letter was particularly short (showing off only a few of the many actual dungeons), why the footage of the Eden quest hub was only via video and not by actually walking through the map… basically, why a lot of the expansion is still shrouded in mystery.

That’s not to say that nothing was revealed, however; the letter showed off an improved crafting interface with a display of expected progress made with 100% efficiency, for example, while crafters will also gain access to vital skills like Byregot’s Blessing and Steady Hand II regardless of crafting class. There was also footage recapping things you may have missed from the media tour, like the Trust system. It’s a light tease for the expansion that’ll be entering early access in just two weeks, but it turns out that a lot of what you’re going to find out is still unknown. It’s a spoiler.

Source: Square-Enix press release
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Half expecting Bayonetta to show up for a cross over.

Krista Allen

I didn’t like Stormblood. Gonna sit ShadowB’s out