WRUP: How to say hello edition

Time is on my side, after a fashion.

When coming back home from work: “Honey, I’m home!”

When coming back home from work but you are not married and live alone: “Honey, I’m home!”

When coming into work after a night of being alone at your residence: “Not-honey, I’m not home!”

When seeing an old friend you haven’t seen for many years: “Hey, Brandon, I know you’re upset about going to prison for years for a crime I committed and framed you for, but there’s a really good explanation for all of this. To get that explanation, please just hold this knife and look angry.”

When seeing your former friend Brandon whom you had sent to prison for years for a crime you committed and framed him for: “I do not know you, stranger, my name is Gregory Peck. Not the Gregory Peck, but my name is Gregory Peck.”

When you are in a Mel Brooks movie with Gene Wilder and as a person of color you had been hiding behind a rock until he pulls you into the frame: “Yo, where the white women at?”

When you are writing your response to What Are You Playing: “I like cheese.”

Bonus question: What’s the weirdest thing you remember learning about recently?

Andy McAdams: Final Fantasy XIV for sure as I putz around and build up some hype for the release. And I dunno, my mouse has been hovering over Rimworld in my steam library quite a bit lately. I haven’t yet succumb to that siren song, but it might happen.

Weirdest thing I recently learned is that while I consider myself a life-long learner, there’s nothing especially of note jumping out that I’ve learned – at least something that’s not some weird technical idiosyncrasy from my day job.

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): I’m probably going to continue working through the Elsweyr story in The Elder Scrolls Online. If I get tired of that, I might give World of Warships a try. My oldest son is obsessed with it and it looks like a fun game.

As far as something weird I’ve learned, here’s a glimpse into my boring adult life: did you know that the US government doesn’t tell you what your expected family contribution (EFC) is when you fill out the FAFSA form requesting aid for higher education? It’s like they don’t want you to know the formula they use. You can deduce it by applying for a school that’s way out of your price range and then subtracting the cost from the amount of aid offered, but if you request it for a school that’s already in your price range, they just say “sorry, you don’t qualify.” I find that strange.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Same for me, I’m content in Star Wars Galaxies Legends and City of Heroes. I kind of overdid it with Star Wars the last few weeks, so I might trim back on that a bit!

My husband’s listening to a podcast about Napoleon lately, which means I’m getting the highlights, and most of the personal history details are not anything I’d read before (I’m a historian, but Europe is not my specialty). I definitely didn’t know the circumstances of his marriage or that when he showed up for his first big command, he was handed invasion plans he himself had drawn up as a strategic officer years earlier.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): The usual puttering about in Final Fantasy XIV, with a sprinkling of MapleStory 2 as the recent update has me interested in climbing the level/power grade again, and some Warshade character leveling in City of Heroes: Homecoming.

I am reminded that it has been a fair while since I learned some useless but ultimately fascinating bit of trivia. Maybe I should try to change that. Or maybe the comments will provide some tidbits of that sort.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): A bit more waiting-for-the-expansion in FFXIV and some puttering about in The Sims 4; I also caved and bought Blaster Master Zero the second it went up for sale on Steam, so I might play that too. It’s a busy weekend, but at least the school year is almost over.

I tend to learna  bunch of stuff from both work and personal intrigue, so much so that it all washes over and gets absorbed in a steady flow of interesting tidbits. The most recent bit that I learned, though, was that mylar balloons produce explosions and power outages if they hit a power line. Never knew that, and I learned it while writing this article!

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): Lord of the Rings Online has me terribly busy with both Update 24 (on the normal server) and Siege of Mirkwood (on the progression server), so that will get the lion’s share of my time. After that, probably some Sims 4, Dungeons & Dragons Online grouping, and TESO questing in Elsweyr.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): My mousing hand is a bit sore from carpal tunnel release surgery yesterday, so I am going to do a lot of low-interaction activities in Black Desert Online – fishing and cooking, probably.

Samon Kashani (@thesamkash): This weekend may include some Fallout 76 if time permits. Also, I’m on the final “day” of the achievement for the skyscale in Guild Wars 2. So, hopefully, surely, I’ll be dragon back soon.

Pistachios, walnuts, and even peanuts aren’t actually nuts!

Tyler Edwards: More Grim Dawn. I finished the base game, and I’ve been tinkering with alts before moving on to expansions. Not sure I’ll stick with any of them, though. Diablo III has spoiled me with its Adventure Mode and how different all of the various classes are. It’s hard to be enthusiastic about replaying the same content with a character who’s hardly any different from my previous character.

Bonus question: I can’t recall learning anything especially weird in the recent past. Writing research has taken me down some weird paths in the past (like Googling “what does musk ox taste like” at 11 p.m.), but nothing recently that I can recall.

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Nate Woodard

Heh, no weird bonus answers this week. As far as gaming goes, I’m so burnt out that I’m just taking a gaming break for a couple of weeks.


I’m checking out the Xbox Game Pass this week, so i’ll be playing some stuff that don’t really fit the MMO description: Ori and the Blind Forest, Gears of War, and some other smaller ones. Also, i’m thinking of giving Witcher 3 yet another go, since the first 2 failed miserably (didn’t enjoy the combat).

I’m still feeling MMO withdrawal symptoms constantly, but hopefully i can survive until August and WoW Classic

Zulika Mi-Nam
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Zulika Mi-Nam

Just started playing Witcher 3 myself. Tried the first 2 and could not make it past a few battles before I tapped out too. It is just so floaty it makes me feel nauseous, even just moving around feels goofy.

The settings for alternative movement and hardware based cursor do help in 3 though. GL!


I’d also like to raise my hand as a member of the ‘tried Witcher twice’ club. First time it was the combat (I prefer animation cancelling or ‘take a ticket’ spectacle combat a la Batman/Shadow of Mordor) and just couldn’t get into the lack of reaction options.

Second time I could cope with the combat but struggled with Geralt’s time-worn face and battle-scarred look… it just tired me out after a while. I guess he looked too much like I felt, lol.

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That’s how you say “Hello” in Esperanto (yes, I looked it up!)

My gaming this week is pretty much the same as last week, and I’m happy with that: Star Trek Online on the PC, and Fortnite: Save The World (the PvE co-op version of the game) and Shadow of the Tomb Raider on PS4.

I’d also like to thank Thirtymil, nobleeinherjar, and zoward for commenting on my post to WRUP last week. I did see the responses (and I appreciate them), but I never managed to get replies out in time. My apologies, good sirs.

And nobleeinherjar, you can ask me about Stellaris any time you want. I can only give you my opinions, of course, but hopefully, they would be a starting point for you.

Bonus Answer: One of the weirdest things I’ve learned lately? Probably the weirdest thing I’ve learned in quite a while has to do with Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt and surviving fragments from the ancient Library of Alexandria.

For those who want the shortest possible version of this: Hatshepsut was a female pharoah who was very successful during her reign (so successful, in fact, that Thutmose III tried to erase all records of her reign and her existence from Egyptian history some years after her death. Why? Apparently, because he didn’t like the idea of a pharoah who did great things while also owning a vagina). :-(

In any case, records of Hatshepsut’s reign survive despite Thutmose III — and one of the things Hatshepsut was very much into as a pharoah was exploration. Sending expeditions to find new places and new things.

Hold onto that thought …

When the ancient Library of Alexandria was burned to the ground, it was a tragedy for collected human knowledge which words can never frame adequately.

The surviving scroll and document fragments which still remain hint at so much more that was irretrievably lost: dozens of lost works by known ancient authors and scientists; one document scrap seems to indicate that advanced math (i.e. calculus) was a thing, at least in theory, long before anyone modern expected it was. And there was more — so much more. I’d talk about it, but I don’t want to make you cry.

But the weird thing which has always stayed with me in all this is that there was a map fragment from the reign of Hatshepsut which also survived the Library fire.

The map fragment showed a coastline — but no one could figure out where on Earth the specific coastline was supposed to be located.

The theory was that this map was from one of the exploratory expeditions Hatshepsut sponsored — either that she directly enabled, or perhaps, she compensated existing explorers for bringing in.

The map fragment definitely seemed Egyptian, from Hatshepsut’s reign, however.

The mystery coastline remained a mystery for many, many years …

… until the continent of Antarctica was being mapped, and someone noticed that the ancient Egyptian coastal map matched a section of the northern coastline of Antarctica.

Dis Hatshepsut order expeditions which managed to range as far as Antarctica? Some scholars dismiss the whole notion as a colossal coincidence — but the map fragment remains, and it’s pretty dang accurate.

And that whole possibility blows my mind …

Take care of yourselves and each other, folks. See you next time!


17 hrs of Black Desert Online


I do like some accuracy in my MMO stats *thumbs up*


Who says there are no female Hrothgar in FFXIV? ;) (This is a helmet I saw someone wearing, one market purchase and glamor prism later…)

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Been playing mostly Guild Wars 2. It’s so easy to appreciate everything GW2 does right. Especially these days, with so many others falling short.


Same old apocalypse for me (the Fallout 76 one)… but in deference to the WRUP question I am picking a screenshot with a cheese-coloured sky. Hope you like Gouda.

I am slightly disappointed they’ve announced they’re adding human NPCs to it, because until NPCs are fully believable I always find them a hindrance to the immersion more than a benefit. I think Looking Glass and Irrational Games were right with System Shock 2 when they said they made

everyone dead
to avoid a lack of believable interactions.

Bonus question: Weirdest thing I learnt recently is that Britain’s only venemous snake, the adder, actually has a serious problem with being hunted by pheasants of all things. I didn’t know that and it seems… wrong (and yet true).

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You forgot the most important Hello…

Hello, you fool, I love you.

So I guess this is my first wrup. Since this is Father’s Day weekend I’ve gotten a valuable golden ticket from the missus to slack off. So far that’s meant a bit of MORDHAU (which would be really amazing with some real castle maps and some persistence). And right now I’m working on my Oxygen Not Included colony appropriately called “Space Trainwreck.”

I got my E3 mount in ESO and keep thinking about ramping into that, but I just can jump that chasm yet knowing what a time sink a new mmo will be.

I logged into WOW last night and had a bit of the same analysis paralysis and just went on to something else instead.


Still on my play through of the Imperial Agent in SWTOR (first revisit of SWTOR since the month after launch). I might complete it this week end. Really enjoying the story. My plan was to play this character decidedly evil, but I had a few light side decisions creep in here and there; can’t help it, I’m just not made for evil, I’m pathetic, heh. At least Kaliyo is a great help, she applauds every dark side decision, LOL. She’s a bad ass companion. I’m just a little peeved there’s no romance option.

Nice week end and happy gaming everyone!

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The Imperial Agent storyline is often lauded as the best-written one in original Star Wars: The Old Republic game, and I’m glad it works for you, my friend.

The storyline you started with back in the day (Jedi Consular) is pretty bland, in my opinion, so I’m not too surprised that it didn’t catch with you.

You’re probably better off with one of the Jedi Knight flavors if you want a Jedi character.

The least-interesting storyline in the entire game, I found, was the Trooper, which surprised me.

I didn’t find it a good “soldier story”, nor a particularly good “special-ops story” either. My opinions only, of course, but whatever I expected from playing a Republic Trooper in the Star Wars universe, I didn’t get it.

Lastly, I’m pretty sure that you can romance Kalliyo Djannis. A friend of mind ended up marrying his character to her when he was playing an Agent.

Many of the romance plots don’t “activate” until very late in the original storylines, and sometimes, whether you get to form a relationship or not hangs on your answer to a single line of dialogue (yes, I know, that’s absurd).

If you haven’t already, check out the SWTOR section of the dulfy.net website, and do some searching on Kaliyo and romances there.

Dulfy is pretty much your go-to info site for all things SWTOR, even now.

Good luck, and no need to invite me to the wedding — I’m sure Kaliyo would shoot me on sight, anyway, just for laughs. :-)



One thing SWTOR is good for is a variety of opinions on both the storylines and the characters. I played Consular as my main and while the storyline didn’t majorly grab me at least I could connect with my character, unlike my Agent which never really worked for me either as a character or a story. But then I did play my Agent as good – I think I had most fun playing a bad Juggernaut, or an Inquisitor with Khem Val as my disturbingly untrustworthy companion.

Kaliyo Djannis though… I wanted to push her out of the airlock sooo badly. No other companion wound me up so much with their attitude, and that includes the ship’s droid, Corso Riggs, Malavai Quinn, and that psycho Ewok. Grrr. Still want to shove her out the airlock and I haven’t played for years.

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Barely three weeks in, and I’ve just about squeezed all the juice out of the Summerset expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online. I find that I’m enjoying it too much to leave just yet, so I’m wandering the landscape basking in the scenery and picking up crafting materials, but soon I’ll need to decide whether I want to keep on with my necromancer (which if past experience is anything to go by, will mean burnout within a few more weeks of the main quest line, or diving into some of the DLC that I haven’t played yet), or just put him away for now and return to some of the other games I left hanging, like LotRO and EQ2 and COH. Decisions, decisions.