AdventureQuest 3D slaps you in the face (with dueling)


Can someone explain to me the appeal of dueling in MMOs? Does it step from a childhood steeped in Harry Potter’s one-on-one confrontations? Is it a pleasant distraction while hanging out in town? Does it settle whose epeen is the greatest, once and for all? Or is it something else entirely?

While I contemplate that question, you can try out AdventureQuest 3D’s new dueling system when it arrives in the game next week. One vs. one PvP is coming as an option, although the game’s developers are quick to note that you can turn it off if you don’t want to be pestered by dueling requests.

“Unlike the group PvP (which you can test now if you are a Guardian), one-on-one duels are NOT scaled,” the devs advised. “So gear your character to the max. Your cross-skills can make or break a duel. Choose wisely. Also, do not forget to buff up.”

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Castagere Shaikura

Wow made me hate dueling. You would get spammed over and over for duels. And it never was a player at the same level as you. It was always some jerk 10 levels higher most of the time. I remember on jerk off telling not to use my pet. Dueling a hunter without his pet is lame if you want to duel him.


I know this is going to be an edge case, but I do find 1v1 pvp useful for theorycrafting in certain games that don’t provide test dummies for this very purpose. It feels wrong doing tests in an actual team pvp environment.