RuneScape is reworking Maw Enhancers to no longer be items


Those of you running out of space to store the enhancers obtained from the Motherlode Maw in RuneScape needn’t worry much longer, as the game is changing the way the items work. Specifically, they’re no longer going to be items; instead, they function as passive abilities that can be toggled on or off, with an extra charge being stocked up every time you would normally get one. Enhancers from Slayer Bounty and Elite Dungeon rewards will not be changed, however; the patch should still free up a fair amount of bank space, as the items will be removed and converted upon logging in.

Players can also look forward to items functioning correctly from the action bar, such as scrimshaw working to open a craft interface and icons refreshing correctly. It’s a quality-of-life fix that will hopefully make players generally happier to experience the game, but you can check out the full set of patch notes for a detailed rundown on the game improvements.