Tom Holland is training to be the Warrior of Darkness in a new Final Fantasy XIV commercial

Can't even imagine.

Well, here’s some fun for everyone ahead of the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers; it’s a new commercial starring Tom Holland in intense training to be the Warrior of Darkness in the new expansion, while Hannibal Buress wonders what in the hell he’s on about. It’s bizarre and weird and the sort of thing that will make you smile so long as some joy remains in you, and you can watch it down below.

Seriously, we live in a world wherein Spider-man is advertising FFXIV. That’s too weird not to enjoy it.

Those of you who are already more than sold on the expansion, on the other hand, don’t need advertising. But maybe you want to take part in the Amazon cross-promotion with the game that will award you with a black fat chocobo mount for one character on your account if you buy at least $20 worth of video game items from the online store. If you want to be the Warrior of Darkness but also have a very large bird to ride, we suppose.

Source: YouTube, Official Site
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