Bless Unleashed is crawling with monstrous field bosses to kill

I'm sure this is fine.

As players’ attention shifts away from the sunsetting Bless to the upcoming free-to-play Bless Unleashed on the Xbox One, highlighting the fun and improvements of this spin-off is essential to keeping dour comparisons to a minimum. That brings us to the new field boss trailer, which shows off some of the massive baddies that players will encounter in the open world. It sounds as though grouping will be required to take them down, although the trailer never seems to show more than one player tackling a boss at a time. Odd, that.

“As players traverse across the world in Bless Unleashed, they will encounter many field bosses who present unique challenges and rewards,” the company said. “In order to take down these fearsome foes, players must band together in order to have a chance at surviving.”

Give it a watch after the break!

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