Neverwinter’s Undermountain is live on console today as Waterdeep preps the Protector’s Jubilee


Dungeon delvers, prepare to descend: Neverwinter’s massive Undermountain expansion goes live on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles today, bringing with it the eponymous new zone with a new quest campaign and a new dungeon, an increased level cap, sweeping class changes, and much more. The expansion will send players beneath the city of Waterdeep into the depths of Undermountain, the realm of the infamous Mad Mage Halaster Blackcloak, where they will have to thwart Blackcloak and his lackeys to defend the city above from their nefarious schemes.

Along the way, they’ll work through the ranks to the new level cap of 80, earning new skills and powerful gear to help them contend with the dangers that lurk in the dark. The expansion also introduces Legacy Campaign weekly quests, which will allow players to relive old adventures for valuable rewards, and the “variable, scaling, [and] repeatable” Expeditions feature, along with a slew of other updates and improvements. According to the latest information from the game’s official Twitter, the devs expect the servers to be up and ready around 2:00 p.m. EDT.

But even the new threats that loom in Undermountain can’t put a damper on the celebration of this year’s Protector’s Jubilee, which will kick off on Thursday, June 20th on all platforms. Marking Neverwinter’s six-year anniversary, the Protector’s Jubilee will bring a bevy of festive events in which players can participate to earn Protector’s Figurines and Renown that can be spent to purchase a variety of rewards, including “temporary discounts in other stores, novelty items,” mounts, cosmetics, and more. To get all the details on the Undermountain expansion and the 2019 Protector’s Jubilee, you can check out the full patch notes and event information on the game’s official site.

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