The Division 2 brings a minigun wielding specialization and more in Title Update 4


When it comes to video game firearms, bigger is often better, and it doesn’t come much bigger than the rotating turret monstrosity like the minigun. Players of The Division 2 can now brandish this not-so-subtle piece of firepower with the arrival of the Gunner specialization, which is part of the multiplayer shooter’s fourth title update.

Described as a “force to be reckoned with on the streets of Washington, D.C,” the Gunner specialization is all about unleashing sustained damage with the aforementioned minigun as well as short periods of tanking damage. The minigun cannot be wielded in cover, and when the weapon is being used you can’t vault or roll. The tradeoff, of course, is you get to mow down fools with a freakin’ minigun. The Gunner spec can also use a Banshee signature skill to get foes out in the open and a Riot Foam grenade to root enemies in place.

Unlocking the Gunner is a matter of completing another new part of Title Update 4, the Special Field Research — a series of five challenges each with their own unique in-game rewards. If you have a Year 1 Pass, you get the Gunner unlocked automatically. There’s more to Title Update 4 as well, including a skill tree rework, the addition of a slowly filling Ammo Bar for Signature Weapon ammunition that fills up a little faster when you perform certain maneuvers, and a number of other adjustments.

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Aiun Tanks

I can’t wait to fire this thing for fifteen seconds every ten minutes!

Nick // Genghis

But have you tried TU4? They buffed spec ammo drops

Danny Smith

but is there anything new to do with it? last i saw tier 5 was a ghost town where you do your weekly stronghold and maybe find people for the raid and thats it.

Randy Savage

There’s a new set of missions coming later this summer that take us just outside of DC to the National Zoo.