Star Wars: The Old Republic returns to that Nar Shadda nightlife

I love the nightlife, I love being marched in front of an enemy...

Who doesn’t love the night life? No one on Nar Shadda in Star Wars: The Old Republic; everyone wants a slice of that life, and you can enjoy it yourself with the return of the Nar Shadda Nightlife event that’s running now until July 30th. If you have older rewards from the event that you’re still eager to pick up, you can rest assured that all of those will be available for players during the event, so if you still need a rancor to ride around, you’ll have your chance.

For those of you who have already won everything you could possibly want from the Nar Shadda Nightlife event’s prior installments, though, there’s new stuff to acquire in the form of new stronghold decorations, including both stages and personnel decorations. You can also now purchase a Gamorrean bodyguard directly with certificates rather than relying upon drop rates, giving you something new to pick up as you enjoy the night life to its fullest extent.


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Well, aside from the Rancor, which I managed to get during the first Nar even years ago, I don’t see what the allure of this so-called event is anymore.

It’s loot box bingo.

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Aye. I like SWTOR well enough Rafe, as you probably know, but I only did this event once, also. It just doesn’t have much appeal for me.