It’s the final week for Red Dead Online players to earn a care package by ranking up

Perhaps one of the package components can be something for the burn on your leg.

If you’d like to get yourself a package stuffed with valuable… well, stuff in Red Dead Online, you should start getting to work on ranking up now. Players have until June 24th to hit the two thresholds of rank 10 and rank 20, with both ranks earning a special one-time-only care package for players who put in the time and effort. Players who hit rank 10 earn arrows to take on both large and small prey, along with bait to lure animals for you to hunt.

Players who hit rank 20, meanwhile, get a variety of foodstuffs including cocaine gum, brandy, and various other consumables offering temporary buffs (and possibly further intoxication, it’s always possible). There are also some new cosmetic options available, so if you want to go in guns blazing and earn yourself some rank improvements for long-term benefits, now is your time.


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Schlag Sweetleaf

…a variety of foodstuffs including cocaine gum

big bump gum .gif