Latest Path of Exile update improves Legion mechanics and steamrolls a bunch of bugs


As Path of Exile nears the end of the second week of its Legion league, the devs at Grinding Gear Games have released a new update to make some tweaks to some of the league’s mechanics and fix a slew of irritating bugs. Notably, the patch introduces improvements to the visibility of the Legion symbols that appear above monsters and chests that drop rewards, which should make the initial scramble to unfreeze Legion enemies from their time stasis a bit less chaotic as players will hopefully be able to more quickly identify their high-priority targets. In addition, Legion monsters can now be frozen and their corpses destroyed after they’ve been broken out of their crystallization.

On top of that, a number of skills have either been improved or had bugs affecting them fixed. Among the improvements, Frostblink can now be supported by Totem, Trap, and Mine Support gems, and Bladestorm can now be supported by Multistrike Support for a truly overwhelming barrage of blows. The devs have also squashed a bug that caused wand-users to be unable to gain the effects of Fortify and similar effects when using Shield Charge as well as one that deactivated all of a player’s Auras “when allocating or equipping an item that [grants] Mortal Conviction.” The patch also fixes a couple of particularly nasty client-crashing bugs, including one that would crash the game when using Flicker Strike supported by Ancestral Call, plus a couple of instance crashes as well. For the full details on the recent update, you can check out the patch notes on the game’s official forums, and if you want to learn more about PoE’s Legion league, be sure to read our very own MJ’s thoughts in the latest installment of Wandering Wraeclast.

Source: Patch Notes
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