MapleStory 2’s Guilded Glory update launches next week with competitive dance-offs


It’s been only three weeks since MapleStory 2’s Awakening launched, but Nexon is already looking forward to the game’s next big thing. In fact, it’s coming out next week on June 27th, so you haven’t got long to wait. It’s called the Guilded Glory Update, and it’s the first part of some necessary quality-of-life perks for guilds.

Specifically, Guilded Glory is set to add two new tiers of guild raid dungeons, a rebalance for the existing guild raids in tune with the current character power level, adjustments for guild quests, the addition of the challenging Blackshard Nexus dungeon, and what Nexon is calling the Guild Dance Dance Stop, which is basically a competitive dance-off minigame for guilds.

“We expect that we will continue to make rounds of updates after this one in order to improve the parts of MapleStory 2 that exist outside of dungeons,” Nexon writes. “All the feedback and suggestions we’ve been receiving have been great and we are taking action on them, with a focus on one or two aspects for each update. […] This also doesn’t mean we won’t be adjusting other core aspects of the game, such as Class Skills. We’re actively grooming the list of skill related feedback since the Awakening Expansion to review with our dev team together and see where we can make adjustments.”