MMORPG Atlas is testing a single-player mode this summer


Is it weird for an MMO like Atlas that once touted its planned 40K-person servers to now be producing a single-player version? Maybe, or maybe it’ll be a better way to experience the gameworld. Either way, it’s what Wildcard and Grapeshot say they’re building this summer.

“We’re excited to say that we are currently working on a single player experience!” the studios write. “This has been a common request from many of you and it is currently being prototyped by our team. We expect that we will have it ready to test on a beta branch in Mid July. This mode will be a true single-player mode; you won’t have to run a server in the background using up your precious memory! Every piece of content will be available, that includes the same massive world, with each and every island. With single player, there always comes the question for whether we plan to allow users to play in a listen/local server mode. This isn’t something we’re working on at the moment, and pending on how the single player works out, it may be something we consider in the future.”

Meanwhile, the devs have been teasing the new Blackwood maps, sea horse enemies, new islands, and sail cosmetics.

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