Outlaws of the Old West finally allows you to be drunk and disorderly

Roll some dice to see if I'm getting drunk!

If your game is offering players a chance to have an adventure in the Old West, it really ought to include the ability to get absolutely blitzed out of your mind and get thrown in jail by the sheriff. Good news, then, because Outlaws of the Old West has added in the ability to at least do the first of those! Yes, the latest patch has added the ability for characters to get drunk, along with the saloon which serves a variety of alcoholic beverages. These things feel related, somehow.

The patch has also added a number of bug fixes and balance adjustments, like correcting the health of various doors to be correct for their respective tiers and allowing horse ownership to be transferred via a radial menu. Check out the full patch rundown to get an idea of everything that’s been added with the latest patch, or just head down to the saloon and gripe about it while ordering more bourbon. Just tell people it’s roleplaying.

Source: Steam
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