Albion Online’s Robin Henkys elaborates on how Percival’s solo randomized dungeons will work


Albion Online’s game director Robin Henkys has put out yet another video featuring him sitting in a comfy chair and explaining something coming to the sandbox MMORPG. In the latest vid, he provides some more context to the solo randomized dungeon feature arriving in July’s Percival update, offering a primer on what the content is, how it will work, and where it fits in to the rest of Albion Online’s PvE offerings.

As the name suggests, solo randomized dungeons are just solo versions of group randomized dungeons that arrived in the Oberon update. These dungeons can be found all over the world, identifiable by their unique portal-like entrances. These dungeons are available on all tiers and factions, and there are even maps that can be found and used to guide you to more challenging solo dungeons. Players can expect to find a linear dungeon experience that will run for about 10 minutes on average.

The solo dungeons are tuned to provide an exciting and varied PvE experience according to Henkys, and will also introduce at least one new mechanic in the form of Combat Shrines, which provide you with a brief boost — anyone who’s found similar buffs in the dungeons of Diablo III will know what these are all about. What’s interesting here is that this temporary buff also persists in PvP, just in case you’re followed by a hostile player into your solo dungeon.

So where do solo dungeons fit in to the bigger PvE picture of Albion Onine? As Henkys puts it, they can be something to do when you’re online with no friends or guildmates on, or can even be a primary form of gameplay if one so chooses. Solo dungeons are also the second step in adding more PvE content to the game. After Percival releases on July 10th, the team will be working on raid dungeons, which are tuned for large groups or guilds as its name suggests.

You can get all the details from Henkys himself in the video embed below.

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Can a group follow you into the solo dungeon?


This game is very addicting. Playstyle for every lifestyle.

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Damon Anderson

Albion is an awesome sandbox mmo, I would especially recommend it to anyone who played UO or even AC and is looking to recapture the good old days of mmos but with modern features and graphics.