Grab a Crossout anniversary gift bundle code from Gaijin and Massively OP!


Post-apoc MMO action game Crossout is in the midst of its anniversary month, complete with a new patch dropping five new Mass Contagion missions, an updated Control-17 station map, and birthday brawls and gifts. In celebration of the patch and the party, Gaijin has granted Massively OP a stack of keys to give to our readers!

These codes unlock a special bundle pack called Beach Sheriff, which Gaijin says has a value of $50; it includes a rare seven-day “Engineer flag,” a unique sticker “Beach Sheriff,” and a paint can in the color “Lagoon.” The flag allows the player to earn additional reputation in battle, and only one flag can be installed on an armored car.

Click the Mo button below and prove you’re not a robot to grab one of these keys!

No keys left! Sorry.

To redeem your code, you will need to create and log into your account on the Gaijin store website, then click on the Promo-code link on the left-hand side of the site. Then click on Activate Code, add your code, and click Activate.

There are no regional restrictions on these codes, but do note that they’re intended for PC players only and that codes expire on December 31st, 2019, so use ’em soon! “The flag from the pack has the lifespan of seven days, but those days start ticking after the in-game activation of the flag,” Gaijin notes. “Before that it is stored in the player’s inventory as long as he/she wants.”

Standard giveaway notes: If there’s no captcha or Mo button and all it says is “No keys left! Sorry” in big letters, then we’re out of keys. If we get another batch from the studio, we’ll send out a note on social media. Having problems with the captcha not working? Try an alt browser or clear your cache. And finally, hang on to your code! If you lose it after all of our keys are given out, we cannot retrieve it for you.

Good luck and have fun!


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Gene Elder

I enjoyed that game for the weekend I played it, until the serious grind or pay us part of the game happened. It felt almost like extortion. I was sad to leave, but I wasn’t going to keep paying for content or to skip a hellish grind. Ok, I wasn’t that sad, it was a fun game, too bad the developers were dbags.

Kickstarter Donor

They have valued it too high so gamers will think they get a great code.

But… if a 7-day boost, a draw and a colour costs 50 $ in this game, is it worth installing it?

Castagere Shaikura

How do they call it a giveaway when something last just 7 days?