Leaderboards get streamlined in the latest Trove PC hotfix


The leaderboards of Trove have undergone something of a diet. A hotfix applied earlier this week to the PC version has seen several important adjustments to leaderboards and Star Bar rewards that regular players will want to take note of if they haven’t already.

First off, the daily power rank leaderboards have been removed and its rewards moved to the Star Bar at a rate of one Diamond Dragonite per Star Bar completion. Weekly leaderboards have also been adjusted; there are now three class leaderboard contests instead of four, there’s one Flawless Shadow Tower Boss Contest each week, and one Bomber Royale Contest each week. In order to compensate for the lowered number of weeklies, related rewards have all been adjusted upward. Finally, weekly stat contests have Companion Eggs Found and World Bosses Defeated added to the list, along with a new rotation of events.

The hotfix applied a number of other adjustments, which you can look over in the patch notes. There’s also a great video from YouTuber Scyushi for the leaderboard adjustments which we’ve embedded below.


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Yikes, if they actually overall nerfed rewards (or the amount of people who can obtain the rewards) then that’s a good way to tick off the more active players who play to those weekly leaderboards.