RuneScape preps Breaking the Storm event, Old School rolls out Wilderness changes


This July, RuneScape’s summer update The Land Out of Time will pull back the proverbial curtain on the temporally anomalous island of Anachronia, where players will find a slew of new Hunter, Agility, and Slayer content, but they’re going to need a seaworthy vessel to get them there, which is where the upcoming Breaking the Storm event comes in.

Starting on June 24th, players will have to come together at the freshly reworked Dig Site to construct a ship and make the necessary preparations to set sail to Anachronia. The two-week event will provide players opportunities to train their Construction, Woodcutting, and Farming skills, with more skills being added as the event progresses, and participants will earn currency that can be used to buy “unique cosmetics and an XP boost each day” in addition to earning a Mini Mr. Mordaut pet, a Varrock Agent’s outfit, a Planting Flag rest animation, and the Stormbreaker title.

And while modern RuneScape players are playing shipwright, Old School RuneScape players can get their PK on with some new Wilderness updates that have been implemented in light of the results of last month’s State of PvP poll. Wilderness explorers can now earn Larran’s Keys for completing Slayer tasks from Krystilia. These keys can be taken to one of two Larran’s Chests — located within the wilderness — which contain loot from the same drop tables as Brimstone chests (aside from the unique items).

In addition, players can now find a “faster respawning” Wine of Zamorak within the Deep Wilderness dungeon to the south of the Pirate’s Hangout, and players who want to monitor the statistics of the ongoing slaughter can now enable K/D ratios on the HUD by visiting the Edgeville notice board. Also, players who prefer to watch other people kill each other without risking their own hides might be interested to tune in to the Deadman Summer Finals, which will be streamed live on the Old School RuneScape Twitch channel on Saturday, June 22nd, starting at 10 a.m. EDT.