Star Wars Galaxies Legends is working on Felucia – a new planet with new houses, player cities, and space zone


The upcoming addition of true Bespin content to Star Wars Galaxies rogue servers like the NGE-based SWG Legends has been a big deal for SWG emulator players. But on SWGL, Bespin isn’t the only new map on the way: The player dev team is now teasing Felucia too.

Unless you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan, you might not be all that familiar with this particular system or planet, and that’s because it shows up in the movies only once: It’s the planet where Jedi Aayla Secura was murdered by troops acting on Palpatine’s Order 66, a jungle farmworld with bizarre, glowy, and creepy flora.

SWGL’s devs say they’re working on the game’s version of the map as a “new and more ambitious side-projects also coming in the future,” presumably after the Bespin content: “Equally serene and filled with danger, this new planet will allow you to explore a uniquely crafted, detailed, and colorful world filled with new inhabitants and locations never before seen in Star Wars Galaxies, all created from the ground up exclusively by our talented Developers.” They’re promising new quest lines, characters, POIs, mobs, player structures with new themed architecture (!), player city “opportunities” (!!), space zone (!!!) and even a special PvP zone.

Yes please.

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