Conan Exiles has delayed its illegal structure wipe and plans to re-enable Avatar summoning

Oh my!

There’s a patch approaching for Conan Exiles aimed at removing illegal structures, which means “structures that should not exist in the game” rather than “structures that do not pass building codes.” Unfortunately, while these things can be exploited to break the game in various ways, there are also parts that might be used for perfectly legit structures being made by enterprising players. So the patch has been delayed slightly but should be going live at some point this week, with a detailed breakdown of what will be disabled, removed, or otherwise broken.

While this is pretty decidedly sad news for players who might lose some elements of structures, the good news is that the patch will also include a fix to the Shrine protection bug that will allow Avatar summoning to be re-enabled once more. So you’ll potentially lose some structures, but in retaliation you can summon the wrath of a deity to crush the world. That’s fair, right?


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I don’t believe I’ll lose any buildings – but I do mourn a little for the loss of the middle snap point on fence foundations. You could use it to offset things by exactly 1/2 a foundation space, which let you do some nice roof overhangs and the like.

There’s a couple buildings I’ve made that won’t be illegal, but would be a heck of a lot harder to build once that goes live. Still, fewer server crashes is a worthy goal. :)