MMO sim RAW lets you live out your fantasy of being a convenience store clerk, seeks Kickstarter funding


Have you ever wished that you could spend your days slinging cigarettes over a counter? Or market used cars to gullible customers? Or grow marijuana in secret? In RAW, a new life simulator MMORPG, you can do all of these things and more. At least, that’s what this novice development team is promising.

RAW’s name points to the starting situation of each 100 to 200-player server, where everyone is plopped down on an undeveloped island with multiple biomes and given the freedom to create their own society and towns. The main focus of the sandbox seems to be income generation, although there’s a heavy Grand Theft Auto element at work as well.

And for those concerned that this sandbox might run out of real estate, the developers assure you that won’t happen: “Don’t worry about the land, there’s plenty of space for everyone.”

Two years into development, RAW studio Killerwhale Games is looking for funds to help push the project to completion. Specifically, the team is seeking $79,670 from Kickstarter users — and it has most of that already with several weeks left to go in the campaign. Some of the stretch goals include an improved map, planes, helicopters, boats, motorcycles, a communication network (got to have them cellphones), an “advanced metabolism and disease system,” and modding support.

You might want to approach this campaign with caution, however, as some gamers have found dodgy aspects of this studio. These include possibly breaking German laws and using recycled assets in the Kickstarter trailer is boasting.

Source: Kickstarter. Thanks Shawn!
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