Star Wars: The Old Republic previews changes to the Inquisitor, Sorcerer, and Assassin coming with Onslaught


The PTS for Star Wars: The Old Republic is just full of Onslaught goodies for those who are interested in taking a look in advance of the content’s release. Specifically, it’s got new stuff for our favorite spooky mask wearing, robe donning, Force lightning throwing Sith, the Inquisitor and its related archetypes.

Three individual forum posts have broken down the adjustments in the works for the class, with a close look at new set bonuses and Tactical Items that will be available. Set bonuses include one that extends the duration of Overcharge Saber if an enemy is killed while the effect is active for Assassins, or one that improves the effectiveness of Dark Heal if your Sorcerer has a stack of Weary or Reverse Corruption on them. There’s also a look at some new Tactical Items and their boons, so Sorcerers and Assassins will definitely want to take note, though these are naturally all subject to change.

There are also some changes coming to the Inquistor itself, including the addition of charges for the power Force Slow. The addition of charges is described as “new tech” to SWTOR, so we can likely expect other classes in the game to have a few powers with a number of charges attached to them.