Fallen Earth has had two very bad months, but work is still being done on the game

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Matt Scott, CEO of Little Orbit, has popped back over to the official Fallen Earth forums to offer an update on the game’s development. It’s not a happy update, because it turns out that April and May were both bad months for the game between an incident with the game’s GMs as well as a data center migration that resulted in a bunch of extra work to repair damaged databases. Moreover, Scott specifically lays out that the game is not making enough money on a monthly basis to justify its continued existence, if there was really any doubt about that.

But work is still continuing on the game, even if there’s a lot to be done in order to really rehabilitate the title. Client migration has made major strides, with the non-terrain assets having been ported over to Unity, and the process of rewriting the server code has succeeded at reconstructing and fixing many of the extant issues with the login server code. It’s small progress, but the work is being done, and while it’s not a shiny new batch of content, it’s clear that the investment is being made to get things functional.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Bruno for the tip!
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