Hearthstone is removing Vanish and Mind Blast to reinforce class identities

Oh gosh.

Class identity is kind of a big deal in Hearthstone, since the decks that any given class can field are limited by a class’s card selection. This also means that sometimes cards might make sense for a given class based on what happens in World of Warcraft, but they actually futz with the class weaknesses that are meant to exist. Such is the case with Vanish and Mind Blast, two cards which have been called out in a new development post about individual class identities and how they’re getting reinforced.

Vanish is better at dealing with a board of minions than Rogues are meant to be able to, while Mind Blast is a better direct-damage option for Priests than should properly exist. Both are getting replaced in the game’s core set with other cards while the offending cards get retired, and there are other new core cards for both classic and neutral categories to help tweak some identities. Check out the full rundown to get an idea of what the developers are looking at when they talk about class fantasy (seriously, that term comes up a lot if you thought it had gone the way of the dodo).

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Hearthstone was decent in the early days but has devolved into a money black hole. If you want to stay remotely competitive you have to constantly shovel money into packs hoping to get the cards you need to match the current meta.

Slasher Zet

That’s the way of card games. The bad part of Hearthstone and other similar games is that you can’t buy specific cards like in Magic the Gathering.

Although there are budget decks that are usually viable, it’s harder to collect them because you have to buy packs and disenchant potentially good cards if you don’t get what you need

Daniel Reasor

Every Hearthstone article should just be, “[class] managed to beat the senior devs’ Mage deck, and a fix can’t wait until the next major content patch.”