Star Trek Online’s Rise of Discovery makes its way to console players today


Like clockwork, the expansion cadence for Star Trek Online has once more brought all of the goodies that PC players have been experiencing for at least several weeks or so to the console-playing public. Rise of Discovery, the most recent content injection to the free-to-play MMO, has launched to PS4 and Xbox One.

As expected, everything is here: two featured episodes with characters from Star Trek Discovery along for the ride, a new Tier 6 reputation to rank up in, and the ability for Tier 6 starships to drop their level restrictions and level up along with your character. There’s also a little freebie arriving to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Gold subscribers in the form of reward packs which include a color-variant Tardigrade Combat Pet, a color-variant Assault Drone Vanity Pet and three Master Keys. Subscribers to each service can snag their goodies between Tuesday, July 2nd, and Sunday, October 13th.

If you happen to be the traveling sort of Star Trek Online fan, you can also be sure to check out the game’s latest announcements at Star Trek Las Vegas 2019 this August, or get a chance to meet the dev team at the San Francisco Giants’ Oracle Park for Star Trek Night with the purchase of a special event ticket on August 26th.

source: press release