Temtem’s limited time preorder sale kicks off today on Discord


If you’ve had your eyes on the Pokemon-esque MMO Temtem but weren’t able or willing to fling your cash in its face during its crowdfunding drive, now is the time to preorder.

Buying in will set you back $34.99, 30.99€, or £27.49 depending on where you live. You’ll first need to join in the official Temtem Discord server, after which point you can go to the Preorder Store in said Discord to find the buy button. As mentioned before, this preorder is a limited time event, available only for two weeks. However, uying in now will net you not only a full copy of the game once it’s released but also immediate alpha access.

Preordering Temtem is only available through Discord for the time being, and doing so on Discord will only deliver the final game on Discord as well, meaning if you want to play Temtem on Steam, you’ll have to buy a specific Steam copy of the game. That said, cross-save will be available for both the Discord and Steam versions of the game if you’ve bought both copies, and crossplay between both versions will also be a thing.

There are a couple of other details to bear in mind as well, so make sure you click here for everything you need to know. You’ll also perhaps want to keep an eye on this Reddit thread as the devs have begun an AMA to mark the occasion of their first preorder sale.

sources: Kickstarter, Reddit. Cheers, Nick!

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Fenrir Wolf

This looks appealing. Not just for myself but also for Nintendo’s lawyers. I don’t know how close to a game you’re allowed to get, but the evolution screen and the trainer battle introduction worry me. Otherwise, it looks lovely.

We could use a few more good Pokemon-alikes.

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I know nothing about this game but that mouse creature scares the beejesus outta me 0_0