Torchlight Frontiers makes an elevator pitch for its intuitive, colorful world


If you’ve been following Torchlight Frontiers closely, there is probably very little in this interview with Unreal Engine that is going to come as news to you. Even so, this concise elevator pitch clearly outlines some of the major design decisions of the game and how Echtra Games wants to draw you into its world, which makes it worth a read.

Of particular note is the team’s philosophy on class creation: “We don’t want to make the same traditional mage-fighter-rogue every time. Each character class should be something new, but they should also be something that is intuitive, and feels like you know what they are right off the bat.”

The team also said that it relishes developing for an ongoing MMO: “We usually make the game, put it out for sale, and apart from a patch or two, we’re done. This time we get to work with our community to evolve the world for a long time to come. It’s an exciting opportunity, and something we haven’t been able to do before.”


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Castagere Shaikura

I’m just waiting to see what PWE does to it first. They are sneaky and will wait a month to see what people are willing to spend. My money is on those relic weapons that are going to be in the store. Lockbox versions will be better.

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Loyal Patron

I am impatiently waiting for the ability / chance to play this so I can do a write up or video on my site lol

Sasha Alex

I’m really pissed off they don’t sell early access =.= .


I kind of agree and that’s coming from someone who is sick and tired of early access. This is one of the few games i would happily pony up some bucks for to get early access.


I wanna some class similar to GW1 ritualist please.

IronSalamander8 .

That train engineer class has me the most interested in this game but am still wary about PW and their track record on loot boxes and such. It is nice to see someone willing to make new and original classes even if I don’t play this one.

Kickstarter Donor

I’m torn. Having new and original classes is such a breath of fresh air… but the trade-off right now is having 3 classes (possibly 4) available at launch and so nearly everyone is the same. Quite normal in single player or coop games, but one of the things MMO players complain about the most.

IronSalamander8 .

Aye. 3 or 4 isn’t enough options. I’d like to see at least 6 at launch with more coming in later. Of course as this is me I’d prefer like 16 classes or more but that’s a bit much to ask, at least at start up!