Anthem begins testing Cataclysm changes, but players aren’t satisfied


Amid fierce criticism from the Anthem playerbase and EA’s attempt to cast a few crowd control spells to calm the furor, BioWare has begun to test the next patch for this multiplayer shooter. This isn’t a chunky content update but rather adjustments and fixes primarily to the game’s fairly new Cataclysm event.

Players jumping on to the test server will find a visually improved experience, with better cinematics and visual effects, especially with the Vara boss fight. There’s also a new limited version of the seasonal store open to sell weapons for Cataclysm currency.

Much of the patch seems in reaction to recent player feedback, so heading over to the notoriously salty reddit, it’s curious to see how it’s being received. Some are still upset that BioWare isn’t communicating better, while others aren’t satisfied with anything short of a massive game overhaul.

“Nothing screams to me ‘This is what Anthem needs!’ when I play the PTS,” one poster said. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, but it gets old very quick compared to other games that release new content.”

Source: Patch notes

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