Blade & Soul producers reveal NCsoft’s plans for the game over the rest of 2019

Next up, turtles!

Here’s the one bit of bad news for Blade & Soul fans from the latest letter from the producers: The Unreal Engine 4 will probably not be in the game by the end of 2019. But it is still being worked on, and there’s lots of other good stuff in the works for the title over the remainder of the year. Yes, that also includes new tree selections for the Destroyer and the Assassin, so players need not worry that their preferred classes will lag behind in options.

However, players will also get to play an entirely new class with an upcoming hybrid ranged/melee character gets added to the game. There are also plans for new areas, dungeons, and raids. In short, while the first half of the year has definitely had some neat stuff in it, the next half is going to hopefully make it even better. And yes, you can check out the trailer on the Unreal Engine 4 conversion just below, even if the actual engine won’t be available for a while.

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I played this game enough to know that the only thing I really need from it is the UE4 update, which it will not deliver as of now. Disappointing, and they should have known their priority better.



Ok. I might have a lot to say so be patient with me. I’ve been playing this game since launch.

So first I try not to white knight the game. But I can’t deny an affinity for it. For a game that was and is billed as a top-notch arena PVP product, it is one of the best dungeon crawlers you will find today. Raids and dungeons are now its forte and breadth of content is remarkable.

And it makes sense that that is the case because the game is centered around combat. And its combat is superb.

But what has kept me coming back to the game are the devs. Ironic, maybe, given the many problems the game has had over the years. But at every turn, devs, given time, have responded to players and have improved the game significantly.

Grinding has been greatly reduced. Acquiring legendary weapons completely simplified. The pay to win shenanigans found in other regions completely omitted. The hacks and bots almost eliminated.

And all of that, in response to player regional feedback.

BUT two big ugly warts can’t be hidden from view: 1. Korea makes the call for the regions despite regional devs ability to solve problems on their own. 2. The games engine can’t support what the game needs to survive and evolve long term.

I’ll put a pin on the first as the inability for regions to do what is best for their players is several walls fo text itself.

But the UE4 update, that is something that is needed immediately. You see, it is more than a graphics update. It means a revamp of the game engine too. And that change will allow for new systems to be introduced, new modes of play and many items that players have been wanting for a long time.

It saddens me to see a delay of this magnitude. BnS has a lot to offer, but it will continue to stagnate until UE4 is launched.


I prefer pink night. That is, one pigtail is will defend the game despite it flaws. While the other is ready tear them a new one for making bad decisions. >.<

Arnold Hendrick

B&S, like WoW, pays more attention to endgame (“elder” game) play than the process players take to reach that endgame. Unfortunately, the players copy this attitude and pay little or no attention to the “level up” process. Increasing, this leads to a smaller, more elite attitude in the community.

To resurrect this title, NCsoft needs to do far more than just install a new graphics engine. They need to rethink the PvE/PvP aspects of the game, and provide a more flexible level-up process, not unlike who ESO did to allow players of any level to play side-by-side in all but the most advanced content. Can they be that radical?


I think they can be. But…

Well, as I alluded to in my post, Korea makes the call and there is no doubt that what this region would like to see in the game isn’t necessarily what Korea has in mind. It is a cultural difference, I think. I’m just hoping that Korea will be flexible enough to permit what needs to be added and or changed.

As for the leveling? Well, it has been simplified a great deal. Playing with friends as well as alts are encouraged and rewarded now. And yet, they have also removed some side quests entirely from the game and that takes away from the leveling experience. Another regional difference I think.


Taking away the optional side quests was still is one of my biggest black marks against this game. Pretty much took the magic and challenge of the leveling experience IMO.


It’s been what, a couple of years since I played B&S.
There’s a lot I liked about Blade and Soul, particularly in the controls – for action combat, it was pretty good.
It did show its grindy-Asian-game scaffolding a little much sometimes, but was generally (as I recall) a pretty fun game. It’s on my list of ‘stuff I really DO intend to go back to’ but I’m not sure I have enough lifespan to get everything on that list anymore…


THIS is exactly where I stand as well. That preview really makes me want to check it out again when the UT4 conversion comes out!