Old School RuneScape is taking aim at account security

Old and busted.

You all have phones, right? Because you can use those to enable two-factor authentication for RuneScape, something that Jagex strongly encourages you to do. The latest official news from the Old School RuneScape crew is all about ensuring account security, and while about half of the game’s players are using 2FA, the developers would like for it to be more. (Bribing players with free stuff would probably help.) But they’re also working on a broad set of approaches to improve overall account security, including helping players choose better passwords and having systems to scour for compromised accounts posted online.

The team is also looking into additional means to safeguard payment systems to avoid abuse while trying to work hard to avoid erroneous reports of account theft. It’s a multi-faceted problem, and while the steps being taken certainly won’t fix account security problems, they’re aimed at making them less common and less serious across the board. Check out the full post to see what’s being done for the safety of player accounts all around.


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