Black Desert localization typo shortchanges guilds by 90% of promised rewards


Let it never be said that video game localization isn’t a big deal worth spending money on, as an error in Black Desert’s event translation has apparently let to botched guild rewards and a pile of angry players.

About a month ago, Kakao announced Operation Guild Support, a massive guild event that tasked groups with completing guild missions together, gather mats to build a galley ship, and get their PvP on in the game’s node and conquest wars. The event promised 3 billion silver for building a guild fort in the node war and 7 billion for building a guild fort or command post in the conquest war.

The event came to a close on June 12th and players awaited their payouts. But yesterday, Kakao announced that it would not be delivering quite as much as it had promised.

“We are sorry to inform you that due to localization issues, there was a typo under the event section of Operation Guild Support,” the studio wrote. “The rewards 3 and 7 billion were intended to be respectively 300 million and 700 million in Silver.”

Guilds have been granted golden bells in compensation, but that doesn’t seem to make up for the loss of 90% of the promised rewards. As our tipster pointed out, for some guilds this will split to less than the cost of participation in the event in the first place. That reality, plus the feeling of having fallen for a bait-and-switch, has led players to voice frustration on the forums that Kakao isn’t delivering what it promised, whether it was in error or not.

Source: Official site, Reddit. With thanks to Seth.
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