Destiny’s Sword has almost reached its funding target with two days to go

Let's go for a walk, then we'll get along.

The bad news for Destiny’s Sword is that the title has not yet funded, still sitting at a bit over a thousand dollars to go before successfully funding. But the good news is that it still has about 48 hours to go as of this writing, so that last bit of push is entirely plausible and indeed even inevitable. If it’s a project that intrigues you and you haven’t already backed it, now is the time to pledge your support!

For those of you who don’t recall, Destiny’s Sword is a combination MMORTS and psychological management simulator in which you have to work your way through dealing with the long-term traumatic effects of continual warfare upon your various troops. So you’ll be engaging in card-based battles with other players against your foes while also managing the effects on your team’s overall mental health. If that sounds interesting to you, go ahead and take a look through the campaign.

Source: Kickstarter

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Many, many years ago there was a great digital version of Advanced Squad Leader called Close Combat. Squads and teams had morale checks they had to make with serious consequences when it didn’t happen. It gave a real sense of the impact of combat.

I’ll never forget a mistake I made one time putting a browning team in a building to provide covering fire. The mistake wasn’t putting the machine gun there – it was the right thing to do. But the team was green – fresh recruits.

The Germans in that encounter had a tank and mortars and the combination of fire completely paralyzed them. The building was coming down around their ears, and despite multiple orders to retreat, with plenty of covering fire from veteran squads in overwatch locations, they wouldn’t budge.

I watched them get overrun and bayoneted. There was so much screaming out of that building, that the green squad the next building over broke cover and ran, right into the field of fire for a German 42. It was a cascade failure of epic proportions as two more green squads broke until I finally got them under control.

Watching the numbers after the engagement was over, I had more than 50% losses – all KIA – and had to cede the entire territory to avoid losing the rest of the platoon. It wasn’t a good day.

It’s a shame there aren’t more games like this to show the other side of warfare. I think it is really important to show the impact of decisions like that.