Red Dead Online brings new features to Xbox One and acknowledges work on player feedback


Red Dead Online continues its steady trickle of updates to the various platform versions of the online cowboy sandbox thing. This time around, it’s the Xbox One’s turn for a new weapon and some game modes as outlined in the latest update.

Specifically, the Ancient Tomahawk weapon is now live along with the Make It Count match type featuring the weapon, both of which were previously exclusive bits of early access content for the PlayStation 4 version. In addition, a number of cosmetic items that were previously early access exclusive have landed on the Xbox One, including a horse, clothes, and a couple of emotes. The Last Stand battle royale mode has also finally landed on the Xbox One, just in case those players felt left out. Speaking of cosmetics, in-game tailors and the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue have a variety of new fashions on hand, while the week is bringing another bunch of XP bonuses and buffs.

Finally, the post closes with a nod to player feedback and requests, admitting that the Red Dead Online team is working on much-requested features like the ability to reset your appearance without resetting your character progress and saving your Offensive or Defensive preferences when transitioning to and from Free Roam. These are due to arrive with the next major update, which doesn’t have any release details as of right now.


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Yeah we’re still waiting to get this on PC. I just hope it doesn’t end up the way GTA Online currently is. That is awash with cheaters and exploiters. I do mean awash. It’s crazy how many there are.

“If you see an exploiter just jump to another session.” That may have worked in the past, but now there are cheaters in almost every session. If you briefly find one that doesn’t have them, they will be there soon. And there are gobbles of players gathered around them gathering up the free money drops they do.

I’ve never seen a game so full of cheaters in my entire gaming life. It’s so cool and so fun and yet so ruined. I have to wonder if we do finally get Red Dead Online on PC, how long it will take for the same thing to happen there.