Prepare to sink some boats in World of Warships new battle royale mode, Rogue Wave

Prepare to sink some boats in World of Warships new battle royale mode, Rogue Wave

It’s long past a meme at this point for MMOs and online games to pick up battle royale modes on the side, even occasionally before they’ve launched. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they do not.

Which one will World of Warships’ be? We’re about to find out. Wargaming has released the 0.8.5 update for the game today with its headlining Rogue Wave feature – a post-apoc, limited-time battle royale mode. Hey, at least this one’s novel – we don’t have a lot of boat-based battle royales.

“In Rogue Wave, World of Warships’ new temporary Battle Royale mode, players will face off in four teams of three over resources in the flooded ruins of a sunken city, adding the ability for more than two teams to battle for the first time to World of Warships. Players will start with no consumable items, and will have to navigate a world on the brink of collapse with nothing but their ship and her armaments to defend themselves from other players. Other players aren’t the only threat, however, as throughout the match a wall of Wild Fire will steadily engulf the battlefield, pushing players closer and closer together, lest they get caught in the Fire and quickly lose HP. Rogue Wave features three new ship classes specifically designed for the mode. The Octopus gathers ships armed with powerful torpedoes and low detectability, though featuring automated main batteries. The Moray Eel is comprised of highly maneuverable ships, designed for aggressive close quarter brawls, whereas the ships belonging to the Barracuda class are formidable vessels focusing on speed and powerful main battery guns.”

The update also adds new directives with a total of 40 missions, clan brawls, new damage mechanics, and an improved minimap.

Source: Press release

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Kero Kero

You really gonna pass on the “sink or float” pun?

Hikari Kenzaki

This is so strange… but… somehow…