Ashes of Creation’s animators labor at making ‘eye-popping’ movements


Good animation is one of those MMO elements that is often taken for granted, yet we certainly notice when the movement and combat of our characters seems “off.” In a new developer diary, Intrepid Studios Senior Animation Artist Brad Constantine explains the step-by-step process of creating what will hopefully be a smooth flowing and immersive animation experience for Ashes of Creation.

Constantine noted that one difference between animating for film vs. an MMO is that in a game, the player may be looking at the animation from a variety of angles. As such, the animation has to look good “in the round” instead of from just one perspective.

The team said that it hopes to achieve “unique and eye-popping movements” through its animation. You can watch the four-and-a-half minute video after the break.


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That was pretty interesting. Those animal animations are looking fairly smooth imo.