Farewell, Atlas Reactor: Gamigo has officially sunsetted the first of its Trion MMOs


Just two and and half years after its official launch, Atlas Reactor has officially sunsetted.

After buying up Trion’s assets and games last year, Gamigo repeatedly promised to support them, even vowing new content for those games, including Atlas Reactor. Instead, in April, it announced the game’s sunset, which was more than a little bummer; even though the game was small and flew under the radar, it was unique in the universe, and we could use more unique. In our positive first impressions of the game’s launch in 2016, we called it an arena shooter mixed with chess. It was eclectic, ahead of its time, and unfortunately, the first post-Trion-buyout casualty.

It was our hope to stream the game this morning, but apparently when Gamigo said AR would come down on the 28th, the studio meant first thing on the 28th, as Redditors say it went offline in the wee hours of the morning. So much for that.

The official forums are still up, by the way, but they are awash with spam, so I wouldn’t expect them to stick around. Grab whatcha can while ya can.

This thing once had a Blur trailer, y’all.


Sigh. RIP, Atlas Reactor.

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