Fractured’s second alpha begins in July with a focus on new content


It’s been a while since we heard anything out of one of the more tantalizing MMORPG sandboxes on our horizon, the SpatialOS-based Fractured, but the game has stayed on our radar thanks to its plans for MMO-centric content like player cities and consensual PvP as well as its anti-grind philosophy. MMO players will recall that it entered alpha one this past spring after a delay from 2018, the same year it funded on Kickstarter to the tune of $130,000.

But this week, Dynamight Studios announced that it’s bringing alpha one to a close and launching its planned second alpha phase on Wednesday, July 10th, with servers aiming to be up most of the time.

“While the scope of Test 1 in April was to get your feedback on basic game mechanics and assess server stability, work for Test 2 was largely focused on adding new content to the game. As described in the roadmap, content added consists of new creatures, spells, and crafting / housing / equipment options. According to community feedback, Fractured was deemed to be already (relatively) polished in Test 1. Nonetheless, we’ve managed to get rid of over 30 bugs in the last couple months. That should guarantee you an even smoother testing experience!”

Access to this leg of the alpha will be granted to those who’ve bought a Knight package (or better) from the game’s preorder store. The studio does remind players it’s discontinuing its Kickstarter-equivalent packages when phase two kicks off. And no, there is no NDA.

Source: Official site, press release

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Fenrir Wolf

I’m likely to try this as I’m incredibly amused by how they divvy it up.

Demons — Violent arseholes.
Humans — Kind of arseholes.
Furries — Pacifist, not arseholes.

Since the furryfolk won’t be of a violent ilk I’m wondering what the gameplay will be like. I do like crafting when it isn’t just a mindless grind, so long as it’s fair creating something can be kind of nice. It was in Ultima Online.

In a way, I’m kind of hoping this is Ultima Online with less killing, no PvP, anthro characters, and modern quality of life updates.