Latest Dauntless patch brings back Winterhorn Skraev, adds quality-of-life updates, and more


There’s a fresh new patch in Dauntless as of yesterday, and while it’s not exactly chock-full of big ticket updates, it does have more than enough things for Slayers of the online title to scour and look forward to, including a laundry list of quality-of-life changes and the return of the Winterhorn Skraev among others.

Yes, the big, frosty, horned version of the owlbear-like Skraev is back, and this patch promises that the monster has a new look and a new repertoire of moves to match. The Shrike has also undergone some visual improvements for maximum feathery fluffiness (presumably). Speaking of monsters, balance adjustments include reduced health on Valomyr’s tail, a reduced teleport range when fleeing, and a wide assortment of changes to the behaviors of Boreus and Dreadfrost Boreus.

The vast majority of this new patch is about that QoL, with a laundry list of improvements to make life in the Shattered Isles a little better. Some of these improvements include better performance on hunts, visual effects, and Ramsgate, a fix for the Godhand weapon’s special ability, and much more. There really is a lot to take in here, so be sure to browse the notes yourself for more.


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Unfortunately it’s also brought back dodging bugs, ui display issues and a whole lot of other things.

It terms of winterhorn skaev,
Honestly, it’s not a well designed fight. Besides the standard owlbear moves (which are fine), It flys vertically way too close to the player so you can’t angle your camera up to time your dodges. The snow globe/snowstorm mechanic obscures a little too much and on heroic difficulty, those two combined can cause a lot of frustration.

Deffo needs some work.


Neat. Too bad I got bored of it and threw it + the EGL off of my computer. That’s pretty much the only game I could stomach using the EGL for and even then I felt like I needed a shower every time I tried to open that thing up.

Donald Marfia

Right? That thing is cancer.


Cool. I’ll update and check it out this weekend.