Steambirds Alliance is a new co-op bullet-hell shooter from the creators of Realm of the Mad God


The creators of Realm of the Mad God are back with another chaotic co-op bullet hell, but this time they’re abandoning the realm of fantasy and taking to the skies with the aviation-centric Steambirds Alliance. Described as “a massively-cooperative bullet-hell shooter,” Steambirds Alliance puts players into the role of aircraft- and mechsuit-piloting birds (yes, actual birds, like with feathers and beaks and stuff) who must band together to put a stop to the evil cat overlord Meowza and his nefarious feline empire. Just so we’re clear, this is a game about birds dogfighting with cats. What more do you need to know?

What, you want to hear about the game’s features? Still? Fine. The game boasts “hundreds of unique enemies, a wide variety of secret missions, and many distinct plane types for you to unlock and master.” The trailer also reveals what appears to be a rather expansive skill tree for players to progress through, and of course there’s plenty of loot to collect as well. For a look at the game in action, you can find the official trailer just below, but if you want to skip the preliminaries and get your paws on the game right now, you can download the Steambirds Alliance open beta over on Steam.

Source: Steam (1, 2). Thanks, Summer!
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