Steambirds Alliance is a new co-op bullet-hell shooter from the creators of Realm of the Mad God


The creators of Realm of the Mad God are back with another chaotic co-op bullet hell, but this time they’re abandoning the realm of fantasy and taking to the skies with the aviation-centric Steambirds Alliance. Described as “a massively-cooperative bullet-hell shooter,” Steambirds Alliance puts players into the role of aircraft- and mechsuit-piloting birds (yes, actual birds, like with feathers and beaks and stuff) who must band together to put a stop to the evil cat overlord Meowza and his nefarious feline empire. Just so we’re clear, this is a game about birds dogfighting with cats. What more do you need to know?

What, you want to hear about the game’s features? Still? Fine. The game boasts “hundreds of unique enemies, a wide variety of secret missions, and many distinct plane types for you to unlock and master.” The trailer also reveals what appears to be a rather expansive skill tree for players to progress through, and of course there’s plenty of loot to collect as well. For a look at the game in action, you can find the official trailer just below, but if you want to skip the preliminaries and get your paws on the game right now, you can download the Steambirds Alliance open beta over on Steam.

Source: Steam (1, 2). Thanks, Summer!

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They have 14 different planes (some are hover planes) and they all play quite differently. They handle different and all have different features. The biggest difference is between single stick and dual stick planes. You can set up single stick to play with one hand easy as they shoot forward like a real plane. Dual stick you aim where to shoot so need that second hand.

Each and every of the 14 vehicles is quite different in far more than just the special ability. They did a good job of making them pretty unique really. I’d still like to see more vehicles because I’m greedy and it gives me something to do.

There is this absolutely huuuuge long list of skills that you only get access to by playing to gain experience and dying to have that experience applied. I mean the thing is just crazy long and will take you an extremely long time to get into the meat of it. You’ll do better if you live longer since you get better experience for higher things, and even when maxed out in level it still is counting up the experience you are earning to apply it to your skill wall after.

Just remember there are two pages for the game (he listed them both here), the official page, you can’t play from there – but you go there to wishlist it for when it is officially released. The Open Beta page is where you play from right now, and it is planned on having all of your play go through into the full release so it’s fine to play right now if you want (it’s up to you if you want to wait for all the balance tweaks and content to be there or not but it’s really fun now already). As mentioned he does have them both listed here – the main page is under the number 1 source link above.

You have to remember it’s in testing, and also that it’s open more than it used to be but that still isn’t full time yet. It’s up from Wednesday through Sunday night – so that’s most of the time but still not full time at the moment.

I’m fairly addicted to the game. People who like permadeath shoot em ups now have a new game to test their skills.

And remember it’s fully multiplayer of course like Realm of the Mad God. You aren’t going it alone, there are other people all over. The main maps are limited to 60 at a time and fill up pretty quick but you’re all in the same overall world.

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This looks fun!


It’s a fun game from what I played and it adds more depth to the RotMG formula, buuuut it does start to feel repetitive/grindy after awhile. I guess the bright side is that compared to RotMG the grind feels more rewarding in the sense that you have multiple aircrafts to pursue unlocking + a notable-sized skill tree to sink into.

I also like that they encourage you to basically just drop off all your unwanted equipment for others to pick up as I’ve been able to pick up tier 6+ stuff off of folks who didn’t need it anymore. But sometimes the bullet hell nature and the way things scale can really feel like you’re jumping from slow/easy to suddenly dying before you know which of the million things hit you.


Being in earlier testing it’s going through a lot of changes and additions at the moment. Of course these kind of games are a bit repetitive anyway, but there is a lot more to come that is being added over time.

Also if you played it in the past, it was a bit easier than it is now. I guess they thought we had it too easy :P A few things did need balancing, some went a bit too far to the other side and probably should be pulled back a little. But it’s in actual testing still so stuff will be tweaked back and forth until the right formula is found.

The small size of the group means it doesn’t move as fast as other stuff might through testing. They’re still not even open full time right now, it’s Wednesday through Sunday. Fun stuff though, fairly addicting.


Yeah I enjoy it whenever I hop into it. Reminds me a lot of RotMG but with more stuff to pursue which is a good thing. Just when most of the testing is done over the weekend where I have to prioritize what little free time I get, I haven’t really played it too often.