Tencent battle royale Ring of Elysium has officially launched


The shores of Early Access have gone away, leaving only launch for Tencent’s Ring of Elysium. Yes, it actually launched this week. To celebrate, players can earn a free weapon skin by consistently logging in on a daily basis; keeping the skin permanently requires 100 points, with 10 earned for daily logins and 5 earned for completing daily tasks. Since the event itself doesn’t actually have more than seven days available for logging in, players will need to get on those daily tasks to keep the skin. See, that’s how they get ya.

If you weren’t actually aware that Ring of Elysium was even a thing that existed, well… it is indeed a thing that exists. In launch now, even. It’s Tencent’s battle royale game, complete with a free-to-play model that ensures that it is at least significantly cheaper than the other obvious competitor for the “battle royale but more realistic” demographic. So temper your excitement accordingly.

Source: Steam

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gabriel hand


Welcome to China…


So Tencent has Ring of Elysium, their hands all over Epic Games for Fortnite, and they also publish PUBG Mobile.

Rodrigo Dias Costa

They’ll make money no matter the game that wins most players over in the end. It’s a win-win.

Tencent is doing that for years already. They have Riot Games, a majority stake on Supercell, minority stakes on Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, Epic Games… The list goes on, and they themselves also publish games. They already are the world’s biggest publisher in terms of revenue on gaming for years now.