MMO Week in Review: Shadowbringers and Rise of Azshara’s duel to the pain


World of Warcraft has never been one to just let a Final Fantasy XIV expansion just roll by and take all its bored players, which is why we saw an epic showdown this week between Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers’ expansion headstart and the release of World of Warcraft’s Rise of Azshara update. You, obviously, can be the judge of which one is winning in your own household.

And here on MassivelyOP, we said farewell to Atlas Reactor, welcomed the Black Desert Shai and Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash, side-eyed TUG, ran the numbers on Elder Scrolls Online, and got our hands on Astellia Online.

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Arthen Wolfsbane

Given the rise in the popularity of FF14 and the fall in popularity of WoW does this mean ff14 could become the elusive WoWkiller one of these days ?

Randy Savage

No, Blizzard’s hubris killed WoW.


The only reason I played Rise of Aszhara was because FFXIV had maintenance for 24 hours. A single day was enough to get bored of yet more rep grinds and world quests.

Nathan Aldana

Gunbreaker is fun as hell so..yep..


One’s a content update that was teased over 7 months ago and took forever to come out. The other is a full expansion that hasn’t even “officially” launched yet.

Unfortunately haven’t been able to sink too much time into Shadowbringers yet but from what I’ve done so far (up through the first dungeon and then the first two parts of the Caster DPS Role Quest) it’s been the best expansion story-wise and gameplay-wise.