Camelot Unchained talks spiders mobs and game design in latest updates


Arachnophobes, the latest Camelot Unchained update is definitely not for you. The star of the update is Charlotte, and she’s not the kind of sweet spider you’re sad about at the end when she dies. No, she’s a massive tech-encrusted spider under construction for the game, although the tech stuff will apparently be reskinned eventually so she fits a bit better into the CU world.

City State also dropped its 56th newsletter over the weekend, with a recap of development progress and an interesting dev discussion on the difficulty inherent in designing games. “The video game world is full of fun ideas, coming from professional designers, other developers, and even players,” CSE’s Ben Pielstick explains. “Being able to think up ideas and select good ideas from others is an important part of design, but only a small part compared to taking those ideas and working them through the process of becoming real playable experiences. That’s what most of game design is really about, and why it is a lot harder than it may seem.”

Incidentally, the newsletter doesn’t mention our recent interview with CSE’s Mark Jacobs on the state of the game and testing, but that’d also be a good place to get caught up on what’s going on with CU.

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That is horrifying.


So am I missing something, or is that a six-legged spider?

Mark Jacobs

Just as an FYI, Charlotte was something Jon had created on his own for fun. When I ask the artists about getting a high-poly model, Jon showed her to me. We’ll use her for stress tests as well as adding a little fun to scenario testing once we replace the mech stuff with fantasy gear. She’ll also end up being a denizen of The Depths as well.

Great job, as usual, by Jon and the art team.

Mark Jacobs

Perfection, as usual.