MMO strategy title Destiny’s Sword fully funded its $23K Kickstarter this weekend


We dropped a brief mention of Destiny’s Sword’s successful Kickstarter funding in our recent crowdfunding column, but it’s official now: The unusual strategy MMO, with its emphasis on management of characters’ mental health as they’re pushed through battle after battle, officially funded on the platform this weekend. Thanks to players, 2Dogs Games raised the equivalent of $23,566 US, just slightly over its original $22,857 US goal (figures converted from Canadian dollars).

“Destiny’s Sword is unlike any other MMO with its emphasis on robust features in addition to innovative social gameplay and management of character’s psychology and mental health. Players can expect to find a persistent PvP faction war, a fully-featured guild system, cooperative gameplay elements, boss battles, and a quest-like system. At the core of this experience is the proprietary Insight Engine that provides a psychological simulation of all in-game characters (up to 80 emotions) and gives each player a unique personality, backstory and life story.”

Open beta is still planned for April 2020. Want more info? We chatted with the devs at cons both last year and this year and came away impressed at the originality of the game’s design. The game will be at PAX West this year as well with a new playable demo.

Source: Press release, Kickstarter
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I’m curious to see either 1) when the whole thing turns to vaporware, or 2) how quickly they jump on the next round of Kickstarter. What they’re asking for seems woefully inadequate for what they say they’ll spend it on, let alone for a team of (at least) seven.

I can understand not wanting to ask for too much, but unless this is largely self-funded (in that no one is drawing a salary) or they have silent investors behind the scenes, one of the above two outcomes will certainly be the end result.

Jeremy Barnes

Like 23k even if it’s a fully self developed game isn’t going to go very far