World of Tanks fan gathering Tankfest had to evac attendees because of a fire

A lad.

So there’s a gathering of World of Tanks fans known as Tankfest (because what else would you call it) that took place last week in The Tank Museum in Dorset, UK. A bunch of streamers of a competitive game in an enclosed space with weapons that you’re hearing about now means that your brain almost certainly went to “oh no, what happened.” And there was indeed an incident at the event forcing an evacuation… specifically, a fire broke out.

Yes, just a fire. A regular, old-fashioned fire. It’s not clear what started the fire, but no one appears to have been hurt and the incident was quickly contained, which means that of all the potential endings to a story about an incident at this gathering, this one is perhaps the most innocuous. It was just a fire. Fortunately, we’re pretty sure that no one started the fire with a tank, since that would probably have also involved several additional fires along with other tank-related incidents.

Source: VG24/7
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Eliot, Tankfest is not a World of Tanks fan event. It has existed since before World of Tanks released. It’s held at a tank museum, hence the name.

IronSalamander8 .

I’m glad no one got hurt. Because of that I can make this joke as someone who used to play the heck out of WoT.

If they were in their tanks you know someone in a big heavy tank like a Maus would have parked sideways in front of the door and blocked their teammates from getting out!