Black Desert has begun preorders for its PlayStation 4 edition launching August 22

Back at E3, Pearl Abyss dropped a big announcement for Black Desert: The PC and Xbox One versions of the game were getting another sibling in the form of a global PS4 port. And as of today, we know that the PS4 edition is rolling out on August 22nd.

Preorders have begun today; it looks as if the base game will run $29.99 (yes, it’s still buy-to-play), though the pricier packages come with a lot more pets and bonuses, including a 48-hour headstart early access for the $49.99 and $99.99 packages.

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It’s good you can start with everyone else but better be prepared to fork out the money to keep up. After about $6000 you will be able to PvP with the rest of them and hold your grind spot.


I can hear the money trucks backing in at Kakao from here.

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I’ll wait to see how the port is, but given that I’ve basically never touched the PC version and it’s very likely the PS4 version will look better than my aging mid-range rig, I’m tempted to give it a spin here. Will help that it’ll be on my nice, much larger and higher resolution TV compared to my computer. I just hope that it supports PS4 Pro and doesn’t run like total garbage, which seems depressingly common for MMO’s I’ve played on PS4 so far.