Conan Exiles increases decay timers so that you’ll go outside

baaaaaby shark

Damn it, kids, how long have you been inside playing video games?! It’s summer! The weather outside is beautiful (or it’s a murderous overhot hellscape; the two are basically synonymous for those of us who don’t like hot weather)! Get out of the house and go do something other than playing video games! Look, even Conan Exiles wants you to get off of the computer because it just increased decay timers on official servers to 14 days!

That’s right, you get two weeks before you have to worry about structures falling apart, so you can put on the sunscreen and swimsuits and get in the car to go to the beach for three dang days without whining! Put down the laptop! You’ll have this extended time until the change is reverted in August, it’s already live now! Stop playing your stupid video games and go outside instead of pretending to be outside! I swear, kids these days.

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