Gamigo plans Defiance 2050 anniversary event with goodies for Classic Defiance too

Here we go now.

When Gamigo sunsetted Atlas Reactor without any hoopla last week, a lot of folks in our comments and beyond wondered which former Trion Worlds title might be next. Surprisingly, it won’t be Defiance, or at least not soon, as last night the company announced that it’ll be celebrating the anniversary of last year’s launch of Defiance 2050 with console and PC festivities. Gamigo’s referring to this as a “new event,” but at least some of it will be familiar, including the 99 Problems event that ran last year.

“The Motherlode has been released from his mine. For the first time, fight the mighty Motherlode IN THE OPEN WORLD during this Major Arkfall! But beware: He will be assisted by hordes of his 99ers! After you’ve dealt with the Motherlode, be sure to check in with the Ex Inanis vendors that will appear for some exclusive rewards!”

The new content seems to come in gear and archetype formats for 2050 players: There’s a new Predator synergy, new Precision Torment mod fusion, new Professional prototype, new explosives, new shields, new pursuit, and a new supply cache. Interestingly, there’s new content for classic Defiance too: the Precision Bore and Jackpots synergies.

Source: Official site, press release

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Defiance 2050 shouldn’t be celebrated.

Jim Bergevin Jr

Man, I just don’t know how both versions are managing to hang around this long. I’m a big fan of D13, but I just don’t see how both games are managing to keep enough of a playerbase to keep them up. Gamingo must have one hell of a monetization scheme planned if the ROI is enough not to sunset them at this point.